Sunday, April 12, 2009


We spent 2 days in Lae. As I said...the second was an accident with the boat being broken. On the first day there, we went to the rain forest refuge. We were able to see all sorts of birds and animals.

This is a Hornbill. It is also the bird of my clan...the Bego clan!

This is a Cassowary. It is the national bird. It can kill someone with its kick and can run faster uphill than down. It is pretty cool. It is really tall too. We saw it during a feeding time and it was swallowing fruits the size of grapefruit whole (you could see it going down its throat!).

It was also feeding time for the crocodile!

There were tons of baby or just little crocodiles too!

And I got to hold this snake!

During lunch that first day...I discovered my new favorite fruit...passionfruit. YUMMY! Strange to eat but soooooo delicious!

Day 2 in Lae was spent sleeping in and mostly playing in the pool at the hotel. We went on a field trip to an artifacts shop and to the Amelia Earhart memorial. This spot in Lae was the last place she was ever seen. The memorial was built on the field area from the last place she ever took off from!

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Sean6 said...

Hi Colleen, it's Sean, not your mom, so you can feel happy that someone else appreciates the blog. THANK you for the video of the Saigara kids. I think that was the most emotional part of the trip for me, seeing those kids doing well and using the classrooms we built last year. And that song. The best song ever?